Choosing An Inspector

How to select a building inspector:
  • Should you choose by price? Like everything you buy today the cheaper products are inferior. A building inspection and report is not like a roadworthy on a car. The inspections and reports vary substantially depending on the building inspector you use. Some do not run taps, check windows or inspect roofs. The absence of these checks in a building inspection and report can result in thousands of dollars in missed defects as a result of roof leaks, bathroom leaks and window leaks. The building inspectors who work on a reduced fee need to do more inspections a day to make enough money to keep their business viable, so they will be quick and not carry out a proper inspection. They also rely on the real estate agents handing out their cards to the buyer of the property. You need to attend the building inspection to make sure the building inspector is doing the right thing and taking the time that is needed. If you were buying a $300,000.00 motor vehicle would you go to the cheapest mechanic in town.
  • Should you choose the building inspector by the names and cards that you are given by the Real Estate Agent. In every industry there are dodgy people and the building industry is no different. There are building inspectors who look after the real estate agents more than the clients who are buying the property. What you need to consider is that the real estate agent works for the seller of the property, not the buyer. The real estate agent receives thousands of dollars in commission which they will loose if the contract is cancelled because of an unsatisfactory building report. Are the agents influenced by these reasons when they give you the names of the Building Inspectors?
  • Should you choose the Building Inspector by experience. Experience is critical for a building inspector especially for buildings in cyclone areas. A building inspector who has actually built in cyclone areas for over 40 years knows exactly what is required for the older and new building to meet cyclone standards. Bob Gillis from Qcon building inspection has been constructing every different type of building in cyclone areas for over 42 years.
  • Building reports supplied by the real estate agent for auctions and building reports supplied by the seller of the property are not in the buyer’s name and there is no come back on the building inspector if they miss a major defect. Some are months old and not relevant. You need to have your own building inspector and receive an up to date report in your name.

Request an Inspection

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Thorough Inspections

We will take the time on site to do a thorough inspection. If the house has a large number of defects, we will spend the time to cover every part of the property including the roof.


Comprehensive Report

The reports cover each room of the house and detail the defects for that room making it easier to find and repair the defects. Photos of major defects are included.


Up to date equipment

We use the latest technology in order to provide quality backup material for our findings. The equipment includes an industry standard moisture metre and a thermal imaging camera.



The inspections are carried out by Bob Gillis who is a qualitied open licensed builder and a completed building inspector. Licensed number 17803.