About QCON

Be sure of what you are buying. Bob Gillis of Qcon Building Inspections has been carrying out pre-purchase inspections in the Townsville area since the year 2000.

Bob Gillis from Qcon Building Inspections has been building in cyclone areas for over 42 years and has lived in Townsville for over 40 years. He is an open licensed builder, has been a licensed completed building inspector for 16 years and has extensive experience in all types of construction, and specialises in Pre-Purchase Building & Pest Inspections. He works for his clients, NOT the real estate agents. This makes him unpopular with some real estate agents who will go out of their way to avoid his inspections. His work comes from solicitors, banks and from word of mouth and is highly regarded in the building industry as one of the best Building Inspectors in North Qld.

All inspections are carried out in accordance with the Australian Standard for property inspections AS 4349.1-2007.

You can trust Bob Gillis from Qcon Building Inspections to give you an honest thorough inspection and a detailed report which is only influenced by the desire to give you the truth and the full details about the property you are buying.

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Thorough Inspections

We will take the time on site to do a thorough inspection. If the house has a large number of defects, we will spend the time to cover every part of the property including the roof.


Comprehensive Report

The reports cover each room of the house and detail the defects for that room making it easier to find and repair the defects. Photos of major defects are included.


Up to date equipment

We use the latest technology in order to provide quality backup material for our findings. The equipment includes an industry standard moisture metre and a thermal imaging camera.



The inspections are carried out by Bob Gillis who is a qualitied open licensed builder and a completed building inspector. Licensed number 17803.