Things to Consider

Things that you need to consider when buying a property

Concrete tiled roofs

Concrete tiled roofs are very attractive, however, there can be problems which are unique to their design and installation, and maintenance is necessary as they age. New tiled roofs have sarking installed under the tiles which helps prevent roof leaks from entering the roof interior. Most tiled roofs which are older than 20 years have no sarking and roof leaks will enter the roof interior and may cause damage to the top of the plaster board ceiling sheeting. The defects that can occur to newer tiled roofs are cracked tiles and loose tiles which can appear a few years after installation. Defects that are common to older tiled roofs are loose and missing pointing to the ridge and hip capping and loose and missing pointing to the roof valleys which are easily repaired with repointing. There can be cracked tiles which need replacing and the top painted surface of the tiles can deteriorate making the tiles porous which will allow moisture from rain to seep through the tiles into the roof interior. Tiled roofs can successfully be repainted, however, it is an expensive process and some people prefer to replace the roof.

Iron roofs

Iron roofs withstand severe weather conditions very well if they are adequately fixed down. They are easy to maintain and if installed properly have very few problems with leaks.

Iron roofs will need maintenance as they age.

Iron roofs which are not maintained will have loose roof fixings, rusted roof fixings, deterioration to the roof fixing neoprene washers and deterioration to the sealant to the ridge and hip cappings. The older iron roof will have rust to the roof sheets, rust to the valley guttering and concealed rust to the laps of the roof sheets. The old iron roofs are usually fixed down with lead head and spring head nails which are usually loose and a large percentage of the older roof will need replacing.

Request an Inspection

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Thorough Inspections

We will take the time on site to do a thorough inspection. If the house has a large number of defects, we will spend the time to cover every part of the property including the roof.

Comprehensive Report

The reports cover each room of the house and detail the defects for that room making it easier to find and repair the defects. Photos of major defects are included.

Up to date equipment

We use the latest technology in order to provide quality backup material for our findings. The equipment includes an industry standard moisture metre and a thermal imaging camera.


The inspections are carried out by Bob Gillis who is a qualitied open licensed builder and a completed building inspector. Licensed number 17803.